Find your true calling

Sometimes it finds us no matter what!

Web design snuck up on me.

I have always been an entrepreneur just like my parents. They work hard to build and sustain their businesses so they can serve their community well. They instilled their values in me and have always encouraged me to follow my heart.

I’ve owned many businesses over the years and I used to think I just liked variety, but in reality I love the whole process of visioning, branding, marketing, and launching new businesses.

One of those aha moments

Instead of trying to run all these businesses maybe I could just focus on the elements that I love and the aspects that I am really good at, and make that my business!

Oh, aha! Consulting, Branding, Marketing, & Webdesign

Lea Moon

Hello beautiful, I’m Lea Moon, an Essence Branding specialist,
web designer, and self-realization devotee.

I work with exceptional people like you; entrepreneurs who are following their hearts, by doing the work they love.
My passion is supporting clients remaining true to their essence so they can be remarkably successful, happy, and healthy!

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How I Can Help You



  • supported self-inquiry process
  • fonts
  • color pallet
  • logo
  • print materials
  • office design
  • customer experience


New Venture

  • focus your time efficiently
  • make choices given your whole circumstance
  • budget your time and resources
  • build capacity for increased success
  • make self-care essential


Content Creation

  • express your brands voice
  • communicate directly to your customers
  • create content and layout with users in mind
  • highlight your keywords to boost SEO without loosing authenticity
  • be true to yourself and serve your clients needs



  • premium wordpress themes
  • css3, html5, responsive
  • e-comerce sites
  • blog sites
  • service based sites
  • education sites
  • online marketing focused sites
Lea Moon

Love your work!

Do you know why I love my work?

Because it is my honest expression and passion.

I have a total love affair with my clients projects, services, and vision. I love the synergy that happens between all that arrises when we take our dreams and make them into viable businesses.

We call it branding, websites, and marketing, but it is so much more that that, it is your prayer, intention, vision, passion, heart, purpose, and expression in this world. You deserve to be happy and sustained, and why not have all of who you are expressing itself through your branding and marketing plan!

  • live well
  • sustain all of you
  • be successful
  • experience greater happiness
  • be physically healthier as a result

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New Venture

The quick fix is a gimmick. 

There is really only ever sustained, digestible, and integratabtle change that occurs through commitment, awareness, presence, and compassion over time.

Investing in knowing yourself and in turn honoring the full beauty of yourself with your strengths and your weakness in mind, is the true path to success.

I have spent the last 10 years learning the importance of relationships, authenticity, and sustainability. I got into web design as a result of launching a life coaching and hands on healing practice ten years ago which is why I am such a powerful asset when it comes to creating content, branding, and websites that really transmit your essence and the essence of your product or service.

It is vital that we balance our ideals with the realities of our base needs.

Being able to accurately assess this is by far my most valuable ability I can offer you.

Assessing and accurately reading and caring for my clients means I am able to tailer your services to uniquely meet you where your at. It also means that I can support you in operating within your growth edge so that you can sustainably expand your capacity for success.

Work with Lea

Content Creation

Copy, Voice, & Tone

Creating copy for print materials, your website, or social media is worth thoughtfully investing in. Take your time and allow this process to act as resource for visioning, defining, and self expression. This will support you in really finding the tone, voice, and expression of your brand.

This process can be the most time consuming part of your whole start-up or re-brandng process, but trust me it is well worth the investment. I can guide you in that process so that you can be focused and efficient with your time.

Speak to your customers needs

I will help you express what is needed in order for you to give voice to your vision, form, modality, service, and/or product. Then we will refine your content so that it speaks directly to your potential clients, this last step is one of the most important and one that typically gets overlooked by many first time entrepreneurs. But with me on your side we won’t let that happen.

Work with Lea
Lea Moon Typing
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Essential Branding

Branding expresses itself throughout all client interactions with your business. It is the visual, verbal, and environmental experience of what you are offering your clients. It takes a certain alchemical magic to create branding that accurately transmits your essence.

I understand that the creation of branding is a deeply intimate process especially when you are turning your dreams and passions into a viable business. I can co-create a branding strategy for you, your business, and your clients that will be in integrity with your essence.

So Much More Than a Logo

These are the primary aspects we consider when we talk about branding.

  • color pallet & fonts
  • logo & symbology
  • photography & art
  • tone & voice
  • personality & identity
  • beliefs & values
  • print materials
  • office interior design
  • customer experience & engagement
Work with Lea
Lea Moon Drawing
Lea Moon Drawing


Rebranding Superhero

Ms. Moon to the Rescue

You are in a great position because you already have an established business and customer base. This will provide us with lots of information that will inform our process. Together we can reassess your goals, vision, intention, product/service, and integrate that with your need to serve your customers.

The rebranding process is typically a really exciting process because it means that your business is stable and successful enough to invest in attuning your branding to meet the current need and expression of your growing business. I know from experience that is no easy feat getting through the start-up phase and into profitable operations. Good for you, that is wonderful!

It is important to reassess your brand regularly so that you stay relevant and representative of the market and the customers you serve. I will work with you to make sure that we rebrand at the right time and in harmony with previous expressions of your brand.

Work with Lea

Branding Support

Growing Your Business

Even if your staring out on your own dime it is still important that you get some sound advice and support. Knowing when to do it yourself and when to get support will be an ongoing assessment that you will need to make a thousand times over as your business grows, contracts, and grows some more.

There is a misconception that you should do it all yourself. We are social creatures and each of us serves a unique service within our community. Trying to do things that take your focus away from what actually makes you money is not a good use of your resources. However if your resource resides within sweat equity then you should have someone on your side consulting you so that your time is invested efficiently and effectively.

I can help you make smart choices if your doing it yourself and I can take the work off your hands when your time would be better invested in serving your customers.

Work with Lea
Lea Moon Drawing
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Lea Moon Typing


Design & Development

A beautiful website is more than words, pretty graphics, and photos. A truly powerful site combines the authentic expression of your essence with the science that develops user friendly, code compliant, and search engine readable websites.

WordPress: Update Your Own Site

I specialize in WordPress premium themes that are fully responsive to any device. I only use templates that employ css3, html5, and related coding languages so that your site has the best search engine compliant code available.

The landscape of web design and development expands exponentially every year. In order to stay viable I’ve specialized in one primary platform. Wordpress continues to lead the market in open source Content Management Sites.

Developers all over the world regularly update the platform and make plugins. Plugins help with everything from Search Engine Optimization, analytical reporting, forms, marketing, and e-commerce.

Work with Lea

New Ventures


WordPress is used today by the complete novice to the most skilled developers. You can use WordPress to design a landing page, brochure site, educational site, on-line courses, e-commerce, blog, and more.

I Can Meet You

Sometimes an entrepreneurs most valuable resource is their tenacity and ability to make it happen!

When people invest too much money in their branding and site design they become stressed out, resentful, and risk the future of their business. This same sort of situation can occur with people who fail at the DIY approach. So knowing when and what to do on your own and when to get help will be a vital assessment.

I am in this business to thrive and support my clients in thriving.

Schedule a consulting session with me so that I can get you started in the right direction and focus your efforts. Don’t waste hours of you precious time if you don’t need to. I can serve in an advisory role and educate you on how to create your own site within WordPress. I can be your second set of eyes, I can give you design advice, I can fix your buggy code, and I can get you out of jams and increase your skill at using the WordPress dashboard. I will also be honest with you and let you know when you really shouldn’t be doing it on your own.

Work with Lea
Lea Moon Typing
Lea Moon Typing

Free Consult

Let Me Do It For You

Knowing when to invest is a fluid and alchemical process. If you are unsure if you should invest in a site schedule a free consult so we can figure it out.

These are the primary reasons people invest in a professional website.

  1. You have the resources to invest
  2. You want to rebrand a site you made
  3. You want a beautiful and viable site, and your willing to invest
  4. You are taking time away from hours you could be billing clients
  5. You will be doing 70-100% of your business on-line
  6. You need a site that will be viable and SEO ranked
  7. You do not have a large circle of influence and/or need to generate new clients through organic searches on-line
  8. You do not have the skill, the personality type, or the willingness to invest the large amount of time needed to do it on your own
  9. You are taking a very long time, getting side tracked, or losing momentum because of the website
Work with Lea


Design & Development

There are many elements that go into creating a dynamic website. Each one of these elements in their own right is rich and diverse.

  • type
  • function
  • branding
  • design
  • content
  • photography
  • graphics
  • development
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • social media
  • marketing
  • plugins
  • domain name
  • hosting plans

Woah, but don’t worry you got me on your team and I will make sure you know just what you need to know in order to make informed decisions. And I will save the hours and hours of geeking out learning all this stuff for my own time!

Work with Lea
Lea Moon Typing
Contracts Title
Lea Moon

Cookie Cutter, Nope

Responding To You and Your Needs

Each client, business, and circumstance presents me with a totally new experience. I adapt and respond to each relationship individually so that my services provide you what you need and meet you where you’re at.

In order to stay responsive to your unique situation I can not set package rates. My time investment varies so greatly from one client to the next, however I understand that you need to have a framework idea of what these types of services cost so that you can budget for them and make sound choices as you choose who to invest in.

Responsive Contracts

I will contract with you and give a time and cost estimate based on the information you share with me at our initial meeting. As our relationship and work progresses, I will keep you informed and together we will keep the contract responsive to the needs at hand.

You will be included in all aspects of the process so that you remain engaged and aware of what we are creating, how long it will take, and how much it will cost.

Work with Lea

Getting You Into The Ball Park

Basic Rates

I charge a base rate of $60 hour for design and consulting.
Below are rough estimates based on previous clients.

Content Creation

Content Support
  • $300-800
  • $1000-2500
  • $2500-5000
Copy Writing
  • $40-80hr


Branding Support
  • $300-800
Branding Strategy
  • $1200-3000
Logo & Print
  • $1200-3500
Full Package
  • $3000-7000


DIY But Not Alone
  • $500
  • $1200-2000
  • $2500-4000
  • $4500-8000

Additional Services

  • Domain Fee & Hosting Service – $120 (yearly)
  • Plug-ins Separate fee based on plugin costs – varies
  • Development & Technical Support – $80-200 hour
  • Data Entry & Non-technical Support – $20-40 hour
  • Site Maintenance – $80hr
  • Site Reports, backup, moving – $80hr
Authenticity Title
Lea Moon

Fully Grounded And Embodied

There are lots of dreams and lots of great ideas. You can revision your life a hundred times over, but if you want to make it a reality, make it into a solid tangible form, something that will support you, you will need to move beyond the etheric and into the manifest. I can help you do that!

Work with Lea


Finding Your Perfect Person To Work With

I have a limited availability because I do most of my work myself. I like it that way. I have some fancy help and some sweet help, but for the most part you will work directly with me. It is important that we both feel good about working together so I offer a free skype call to all potential clients, it usually last about 10-20 minutes. Feel free to ask me all the question you can jam into our time (smile.)

Integrated Way of Being

These are not my intentions or my ideals, this is my integrated reality. This is how I live my work and I can help you live and work more fully because of it.

I ask questions that are hard. This is a vulnerable undertaking. Not everyone can meet me, but I can remain loving and relational because I understand my responsibility is to my truth and my job is to keep speaking it so I can find those who can and will meet me.

I work the edge of my comfort zone so I can evolve. Pushing myself too hard or allowing my passion to wither are equally detrimental. I can make the most difference in this world when I am lit up by life. This also means knowing my limitations and honoring the unique person I am.

I am held accountable and I hold myself accountable, to my heart, relationships, work, and evolution. I seek guidance from teachers because they inspire me to be great.

I have failed more than I have succeeded. This is what makes me so successful. With each failure I realize that there is no failure, there is just realization and growth. What is true about me can never be lost, this makes following my heart and taking risks a little less scary.

I am true to myself and I speak my truth. This might be a lifetime journey, this process of self-realization. I am experiencing my capacity to love this unenlightened person that I am. I am learning to accept my current reality, because in this moment, it is the best of me, and it is all I have to offer. The beautiful part of increasing awareness, is that over time I notice that I am evolving and living a more loving and honest life.